Monday, January 3, 2011

Saskia Leek

It's a bright new year and I'm feeling inspired by the distinct color palette and subject matter created by New Zealand artist Saskia Leek. These are just two examples of her work, but we can see that through color and abstraction a discernible subject, like the home, can take on many different perspectives. Leek's contrasting pieces encourage me to experiment and change up some of my own work and outlooks this year.

Link - Saskia Leek


Color Collective said...

So lovely! The colors are perfection!

ola appletea said...

so great and colours are really nice for the eyes!

amanda jane said...

What a great link. Her colors are spectacular!

Maria Black said...

These are wonderful. I can totally see them in someone's beautifully deigned living room.

Hannah said...

These are beautiful! Do you know if she sells her paintings?

the lil bee said...

So pretty! How's the new job coming along? Hope you're doing well, D! xo

James Smith said...

Cool colors. The paintings are alive. I liked them very much.

Bobby said...

Really lovely! Abstract stuff isn't usually my favorite but this really works

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These are so awesome.

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