Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Artist Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin's work, I Dream of Sleep (made of blue neon), was shown in a photographic house tour in Elle Decor, March 2008 issue. This piece stood out to me - I enjoyed the phrase and the handwritten nature of the neon text. I checked out White Cube to find out more about Tracey Emin. This is what they had to say about her work:

"Tracey Emin’s art is one of disclosure, using her life events as inspiration for works ranging from painting, drawing, video and installation, to photography, needlework and sculpture. Emin reveals her hopes, humiliations, failures and successes in candid and, at times, excoriating work that is frequently both tragic and humorous. Emin’s work has an immediacy and often sexually provocative attitude that firmly locates her oeuvre within the tradition of feminist discourse. By re-appropriating conventional handicraft techniques – or ‘women’s work’ – for radical intentions, Emin’s work resonates with the feminist tenets of the ‘personal as political’."

I began to explore more of her work and was impressed with her simple pieces with complex messages. I went to school for textile design, and during that time I worked on fiber related projects, so I am delighted to see artists working in this medium (like needlework) and using it with a modern twist. Yet, to be honest, I was more interested in Emin's neon and sculptural works like Everything for Love and My Bed. They are provocative and honest with a sense of humor - one of those art pieces you can't help but notice and admire.

Everything for Love, 2005, Neon

My Bed was featured at the Tate Britian Museum. The museum described this work as it "graphically illustrates themes of loss, sickness, fertility, copulation, conception and death - almost the whole human life-cycle in the place where most of us spend our most significant moments." Amazingly true and wonderful. The bed is an inviting, private, and loving area where we are created, born, and die. I never realized the importance and impact the bed makes upon our lives. How do you relate to Emin's work?

My Bed, 1998, Mattress, bed, linens, pillows, suitcase, ephemera

View more of Tracey Emin's work at White Cube.


me melodia said...

i love her work!
I'm actually in the process of conceptualizing a neon piece right now. It's a big surprise for my bf but Emin's work is a springboard.

great blog btw.

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