Friday, February 29, 2008

%$&*ing Cool Stuff

I've been collecting design web links featuring #$%&ing cool stuff. I can imagine a particular person owning these a bad ass chick or guy who listens to unknown, hardcore music and scribbles emo-what is life phrases in their moleskin journal covered in political rant stickers. If you are not one of these people, don't're probably not missing out and you can still enjoy the delights below. Graffiti Model Train and High Tea Graffiti Cups. Picture this: me in my work cube sipping tea from a graffiti cup and tagging the model train. My co-workers would be really confused. (via Babygadget and Trendhunter)

I would love to carry my camera around all the time, but I never thought of it as an accessory until seeing the Sleuth Camera Necklace. I also liked the Vignette Kite Flying Necklace. Both items available on Paraphernalia. (via NOTCOT)

Dine in fantasy with Alice in Wonderland dinnerware. Also available at Fishs Eddy - Birds on a Wire and Memo collections. Yes, those are cool mugs and trays meant to look like notebook paper.

Feeling hate and angst? Take your frustration out on these subversive stitching kits. These crack me up...I have said all these phrases, and to see them in cute stitching...HAhaha! (via Rachel Best Blogs)

It's $%#*ing Friday people...have a bad ass weekend.


Crave said...

haha - these make me laugh a little bit....

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