Monday, March 10, 2008

Around the Blogosphere

Things I've been digging around the blog world -

We've all seen them - sneakers hanging over power lines. Now, the Shoe Chandelier by designers Peter Pracilio and Oscar Lopez use this icon in a fun interior lighting piece. (Via Trendhunter)

Even though I don't play the piano, I have always imagined owning it bad to say for decorative purposes? The Concerto Table by Lovegrove & Repucci, made of Finish plywood with an ipod connection, would help satisfy my desire...except it is $14,000. This table is still awesome. (via Design Undercover)

I'm sure this Amana Jot Refrigerator was intended for kid purposes, but I could see kids of all ages liking this idea. Got an inspirational thought, sketch, reminder? Dry erase it on your FRIDGE! (via Cookie Magazine Nesting Blog)

Unfortunately, I'm not sure where I pulled this one from. I had it saved on my computer, but can't seem to find the original location on the web. I would love these wooden lights as a replacement to our boring fluorescent lights at work. I think these lights could have so many purposes - in the kitchen, above a table, and even in a restaurant/work area. Anybody know the source of these?


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