Monday, March 31, 2008

Artist Siobhan Liddell

I'm in awe of the works by Siobhan Liddell. The textural pieces are made from acrylic and paper on canvas. Crazy right?! The details are amazing, and I can only imagine the time spent on each piece.

Part of Siobhan Liddell's artist statement says, "As an artist I work in an intuitive space, knowing that cognition is not far behind. My work has an ephemeral quality that relates to my interest in the nature of change and impermanence." She also goes on to state, "My studio is a place for experimentation, play, and observation. I prefer that my work happens in a space of abandon: the more I am out of the way of it, the better."

Her statement is beautiful and honest. I love the notion of letting your intuition and materials work for you, not against you. The photographs probably don't do the actual works justice...I would love to see these in person.

From top to bottom: Pitch Black Ignorance, detail of Pitch Black Ignorance, and small blue untitled.


Kitty said...

Where did you find this artist statement?
Thanks, Kitty

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