Monday, March 3, 2008


Many of us are familiar with the current (and slightly overdone) trends out there, including woodland creatures, skulls, and sea creatures. We see them everywhere - clothes, prints, and home accessories. I like to play a little game called Guess the Next Trend. My trend guess for this upcoming seasons is Robots. Below are examples of robot items making this trend a reality:

Wall art from Paula Prass - Heddatron Robot and Lilliput Robot. These paintings have kid appeal, but could easy be used in any room for a quirky twist.

Futuristic style with Robot Zipper Pouch from etsy seller The Dainty Squid by kaylah7.

Boris Robot Box Art Print by John W. Golden and Vintage Robot Retro Pop Art Print by Monster Gallery. Great retro prints!

The i grobot planter by noted*. Ready to save the world, one grass-headed robot to make planet earth green.

Send some robot love with this Hello Robot Card by Twin Ravens Press.

As you may have noticed, these robots have a vintage game-like feel. They are not techie robots taking over the world, but instead cute Jetson types. What's your verdict? Do you think robots will become the next must-have trend item?


rob said...

Check out Eric Joyner's site:
Eric Joyner
More great retro robot images

Diana said...

Thanks for the info. Rob - he does have some great stuff. See you this weekend!

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