Friday, April 25, 2008

A Mix of Great Design

Doshi Levien is a London based design office led by Jonathan Levien and Nipa Doshi. Together, their work celebrates cultural diversity and explores the synthesis between technology, story telling, industrial design and craftsmanship. Above is a range of Doshi Levien daybeds, called Moroso Charpoy, that marry the skilled workmanship of Indian seamsters with Italian industrial production. The simple and geometric nature of the daybeds are wonderful.

Below is a installation series to communicate the history and work of the Wellcome Trust, an independent charity funding research to improve human and animal health. One work contained supportive and provocative words, and I love how they are portrayed as a human heart. Jars were also featured as potions for the human condition along with a paper silk healing dress. On the dress embroidered band aids in silk with sequins refer to biological living bandages used to heal burned skin. Even great design can transcend into interesting and beneficial mediums.

Check out more great work from Doshi Levien.


JLC Studio said...

Oooh, these are fabulous designs! I love that dress (could never wear it but it's beautiful!). Great finds!!

Jules said...

Fantastic finds! That dress is just fab!! P.S. thanks for adding me to your blog links :) You're on mine too.

a little bird said...

is that dress for a woman? where do the boobs go?

not that i have to worry about that.

i love the new heading for your blog, by the way, very cool! i am marveling at your savvy photoshop skills.

design for mankind. said...

LOVING the new banner, Diana!! :)

diana @ please sir said...

Thanks! I believe the dress is just for artistic purposes...I can imagine your boobs would hang out!

Mrs.French said...

These are wonderful and the dress would totally work with my slight chest region. :)

Nay-K said...

i love the dress!!!

Laura said...

ooh, the dress is gorgeous!

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