Thursday, April 10, 2008

Natural Curiosities

One of the fabulous vendors at the furniture market was Natural Curiosities. These items can not be purchased online and are only available to the trade (as in design buyers, interior designers, boutique owners). But, they are still wonderfully inspiring, and could give you ideas on re-creating a similar look in your space. If you really want to get your hands on these items, their website lists several store locations in the United States.

The name says it all - Natural Curiosities. I love their mix of historical, educational, and scientific items. The pieces are not only interesting and conversational, but also quite beautiful.

Christoforo Conchology and Gallancini Garden Designs. I love the idea of framing blueprints and layouts of houses or gardens.

They call these Curiosity Boxes. Each volume is filled with different themed prints (flowers, sea life, insects). A wonderful idea to create your own curiosity box!

Chatterton's Skeletal Studies Chart - I love all things anatomical. Very cool St. Regis Silhouette of an ostrich.

They also showed great display ideas like the glass and specimen stands. The glass stands look like over-sized microscope images - such a neat way to display your scientific finds!


Dianna said...

very unique pieces & a great find. i especially love the ostrich.

Diana said...

Thanks! I love the silhouette pieces too - you should check out their other animals.

Fiesta Lady said...

Oh, those are wonderful. Just exactly what I had in mind for my beach house. Love them.

August said...

Natural Curiosities is a personal obsession. I adore the animal & botanical prints.


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