Wednesday, April 16, 2008


On ProBlogger I saw the 27 Thoughts on Blogging for The Artist by Robert Bruce of Knife Gun Pen. This insightful, honest, and humorous list is great for bloggers and artists. Even if you aren't a blogger or artist, many of the points are noteworthy and relevant. Here are some of my favorite highlights:

- There’s never been a better time to be a working artist. Ever.

- There’s never been a worse time to be a working artist (if you’re not truly dedicated to your craft).

- If you're spending more time on Twitter than on your novel, painting, film, poem, play, sculpture, you're dead. (GUILTY!)

- Do not try to please an “audience”. They will ultimately hate you for it.

- Income isn’t proof of anything. Ask Van Gogh.

- Aim for Greatness, not the front page of Digg.

- Though tempting, you’ll never crush your own mediocrity working only four hours a week.

- If you wouldn’t do it without an audience, don’t do it all.

- Remember that the mainstream culture has yet to catch on to the power of the individual artist online. Keep working.

- Make the technology work for you. Not the other way around.

- You no longer need to live in New York or Los Angeles. See: Hugh. (THANK YOU - As a NC girl I continuously battle this topic in my head!)

- Blogging is easy. Art is not.

This is such a great list - would you add anything?


design for mankind. said...

Oooh, that is a good list! I'm no artist, but I love the list! :)

Jo said...

i love the list, and as a serious committed artist (no back up plan) I agree with pretty much all of it.

Shalet said...

Not an artist here either - just a hobbiest. But, that is a great list!

a little bird said...

i LOVE this list!!!

let's see... the only thing that matters, concerning a rough draft or a first sketch, is that you finish it.

... write draft one with the door closed. write draft two with the door open.

... be honest.

(i'm a writer, but i think this applies to all art)

kimberlee said...

oh me oh my I need to hear this today.


Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

TRUE THAT Sister!!!!! Love each and every one of those point. My fav is the one about not being concerned as much about making the front page on Digg.

Good, no...GREAT POST!

Diana said...

Thanks guys - hopefully a good motivator and kick in the right direction!

Jill said...

Good advice here...I was struggling all day with re-vamping my business plan and this motivates me to keep on trying...tomorrow is another day.

{this is glamorous} said...

Great list--and some of them really made me think and put some things in perspective . . .

Krissy said...

Love the list. It's a good reminder of things to consider. I also go back and forth on the NY or LA thing! Thanks for the great post :)

amy said...

Great list, I always have that nagging feeling in the back of my mind, "if I spent as much time drawing as I do on the internet..."

In response to your earth day idea... that is probably the best way to spend earth day. Being a consumer only leads to trash.

Diana said...

So glad the list is helping!

Ginger M said...

I love this list! Thanks for sharing!

I especially love this:
14. If you have a fall back plan, you will, inevitably, fall back onto it.

btw, thanks for dropping by my blog.


karlita said...

I love the list :), it gave me food for thought!

And thanks for visiting my blog

Jules said...

Fantastic list! Great tips :)

Freshly Found said...

I have so enjoyed this! It is good to be reminded of some of these aspects and then to be encouraged to keep on!

Marnie said...

list is a great - especially the audience bits - make it yours not what someone expects -

A Print A Day said...

>>- There’s never been a better time to be a working artist. Ever.

- There’s never been a worse time to be a working artist (if you’re not truly dedicated to your craft).


I definitely agree. Technology has made generating and selling work much much easier. But on the same note, has made the market extremely competitive. I like the challenge though, and it just makes you more inspired and forces you to go out of your box :) As artists and designers, we not only have to work hard, we have to think of ways for ourselves to be different, to stand out. I also believe that people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs (not an artsy example but are first to come out of my mind) are pioneers and innovators of their field because they were not afraid to think outside the box, do something different than what everyone else was doing.

Also, bring yourself out there. Art & designs wouldn't sell itself. You not only have to be a designer, you have to be an advertiser and marketer, a salesperson, a pr person and a business peson (and probably an accountant once you start raking the green in ;P).

Lastly, in order to be a successful artist/designer, you have to love what you do. And if you keep on plugging away, success will follow. Treat obstacles as learning experiences instead of hindrances.

Phew. That's all I can think about this early mornin'.

Anyways, have a great day!

Diana said...

Great comments! Print A Day - great advice and sounds similar to my second life post - wearing many hats (jobs) throughout the day. Loving what you do is important because that's what keeps you going. I think the hard part is actually finding what you love and making a living out of it. Thanks again guys - awesome feedback!

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