Monday, April 28, 2008

Vintage Find Sunday: Liberty Part One

I know Sunday has come and gone, but I'm finally sitting down and sorting through the photographs taken during my trip to the Liberty Antique Festival. Overall, the festival was great, and pretty hot! Can you see the steam from the photos?

My weekend was packed, and although it is Monday (blah) I'm glad to share with you inspiring items from my trip. Instead of dividing the photos into categories I decided to keep them mixed together. I hope you get a virtual flea-market experience, and have that thrill of the hunt excitement I had while browsing the various vendors.

Hope you also had a great weekend...more photos coming...stay tuned! Also, I will post additional photos on my Flickr account this afternoon.

From top to bottom: Array of cooking dishes, rare Hoosier jar set, colorful book collection with great font, retro photograph (how GREAT is she?!), pink cake holder, tin train toy set, and glass bowl (mimics the sea urchin trend).


pve design said...

But wait, that must have been my Grandmother's metal Cake Carrier! I love that! Oh what fun you must have had! Great inspiration - more please sir!

diana @ please sir said...

I agree pve - I love the metallic pink cake carrier!

Krissy said...

That photo of the girl is awesome!

Nic said...

I love the picture of the girl!

flo said...

A lot of delicious photos of vintage!!!!

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