Monday, April 21, 2008

Vintage Find Sunday

Last Vintage Find Sunday I shared with you my wrought iron headboard and leaf patterned duvet. This Sunday I go back in the bedroom to a large, metal Relax sign. I shouldn't need a sign to tell me to RELAX, but it is a nice message for hectic mornings. The blue color matches great with my duvet set, and the size (roughly 38 x 20 inches) makes a neat focal point.

This piece was reproduced to look vintage by a metal shop, therefore it is not truly vintage. But, I thought it is still a great find and a lesson to ask before you buy. I always like to find out the story behind a piece before I purchase it. In this case, the story didn't win as much as the cool font, color, and subtle hints of rust!
I tried to find the metal shop that makes these online, no luck...but the store I got it from is Rhyne's Corner Cupboard Antiques in Greensboro, N.C. They don't have an extensive website, but it doesn't hurt to call. They have several signs in different sizes and wording (like Dream, Eat, Cafe, and more).


littlebyRD said...

Very cool sign. I love that you have it in your bedroom - perfect!

Krissy said...

i really like that "x"!

Fiesta Lady said...

Neat sign. I saw one that said,

Fiesta Lady said...

Neat sign. I saw one that said,

Anonymous said...

Oh! That looks cool. The idea and creativity looks great. You can know more information about duvet which I browsed from the internet may fetch you help and gives you fantastic look to your bedroom.

Dianna said...

great addition to your pretty bedroom!

Diana said...

Thanks! Wish I could have found the source online, but if anyone is interested they can contact the antique store listed.

patchworkoncentralpark said...

These were made by Peddlers Home about five years ago, there was also Dream,Paris and a few others.

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