Thursday, May 8, 2008

Artist Jorge Oswaldo

There is a sense of excitement and energy in the vinyl art pieces by Jorge Oswaldo. He produces work that "flourishes at the epicenter of technology, business, and consumers."

How does Jorge make these wonderful pieces? His site mentions he is, "Intrigued by self-adhesive vinyl as a material" and "meticulously uses it as his primary medium. Using a vector based format he is able to reconstitute familial corporate logos to create an uber-cluster of subliminal advertising. The layers of vinyl are affixed to multiple pieces of plexiglas."

What inspires Jorge? "The vinyl formations reflect an LA lifestyle, one that is flat, sugary, shiny, congested, vain, and consistently demanding more visual attention. Borrowing from what commercial signage is good for, the work is meant to grab your attention, slap you around a bit, and then make you want to have it. His sexy designs and color references are taken from a myriad of popular culture sources that include fashion, corporate logos, and advertising."

His work definitely grabs my attention...check out the close-ups...crazy detail.

See more of Jorge Oswaldo's work.

5/12/08 Update: Jorge Oswaldo left a comment below with updates on his new work and to answer some questions. Each piece generally takes him about 3 weeks to complete. He plans to start working on really large scale work stay tuned. He is also starting to take bigger risks....last weekend he gifted Takashi Murakami with one of his favorites pieces!

If you're in LA, at the end of the month Jorge will be showing new work at LAB 101 for the Culver City Art Walk. Check out Jorge's blog for more information and a great video explaining his design process. Thanks Jorge!


Krissy said...

wow, wow, WOW!

Jude said...

The colors are incredible!

Laura said...

this is fantastic!

it reminds me of something i tried to do a few years ago...but mine was nowhere near as beautiful as these!

diana @ please sir said...

At least you tried! I wonder how long it takes to complete one?

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. Great find.

Vintage-Love said...

beautiful work!

Julia said...

Oh my god, look at all those colors! THANK you for the introduction! I'm in love!

JLC Studio said...

FABULOUS!!!! I especially love that last piece! Great find!!

Mrs.French said...

Amazing in every way!

Jorge Oswaldo said...

Hey everyone thanks for the all the beautiful comments on the work. I am doing some really large scale work stay tuned. Each piece generally take about 3 weeks to complete. I am also starting to take bigger risks....last weekend I gifted Takashi Murakami with one of my favorites pieces.

Check out my site for the pics of that.

If your in LA, at the end of the month I'll be showing some new work at LAB 101 for the Culver City Art Walk. Should be fun!!!

Alkemie said...

WOW! These are so intricate!! Truly works of art. Thank you for introducing him!

Jorge Oswaldo said...

I have a new show and some new art coming up at this cool place

check out the vid.

post the vid or any pics you like.



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