Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lego Wear

As a child I played with Legos all the time...I still have a huge set of them. Just couldn't bare to give them up. My Lego love can now transcend in the the fashion world with these fabulous jewelry designs by emiko oye.

Reware says "Inspired by hardware, haute couture, and salvaged materials, artist emiko oye creates urban jewelry and wearables for the body. She launched her company, emiko-o, in 1998 to raise public awareness that jewelry is art. Based in San Francisco, the reware jewelry line strives to challenge what one considers acceptable."

I admire her forward-conscious thinking and ability to transform a childhood pleasure into a beautiful, colorful, and wearable art.

From top to bottom: Fruitstripe bracelet, Kermit bracelet, 85 Stripe bracelet, Camouflage necklace, and limited edition Tire cufflinks.

Check out more colors and concepts from emiko-o.


Krissy said...

these are AWESOME!

diana @ please sir said...

Thanks - they are so fun - I could totally rock one of those bracelets.

A Print A Day said...

i think i may have seen those at the museum store here in sf, and they're actually really cool looking in person.

Dianna said...

so cool! i could totally rock one of the bracelets also! i love how they take you back, but are also great grown-up pieces.

btw, i tagged you on my blog today. not sure if you want to participate, but check it out if you do.

design for mankind. said...

These are such FUN! :)

SimplyGrove said...

Very cute and fun indeed!!!

diana @ please sir said...

a print a day - that is so neat you got to see them in person!

Wildwood Girls said...

Oh my gosh, I totally love legos too! I've actually done a post about lego art in the past.

What a fun way to wear them! Check this out:

JLC Studio said...

So cute!! Makes me wish I could find my old legos and make something out of them!! I would love a bracelet made out of lego people!!

Hillary Doe said...

Have you seen Emiko's jewelry on
Check it out. Amazing. It is on my wish list for christmas.

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