Friday, May 23, 2008

Mix it up Modern

I've posted vintage finds and funky furniture, but I also have a modern side. I appreciate the fine lines and simplicity of modern pieces. My style is eclectic and can range between all genres of decorating. I tend to be attracted to interiors that don't follow the rules and mix it up. As long as the pieces work together and play nice...I think a collection of styles can work.

For example, these pieces from Moderna are contemporary, but could easily work in non-ultra-modern spaces. I could even see them beside some of my vintage finds. Isn't it fun to break the rules?!

See more Moderna.


Jude said...

These are great pieces, and I totally agree with mixing things that complement each other. I don't know of an exact name for my decorating style, but eclectic is definitely part of the big picture.

SimplyGrove said...

Love it all!!! I LOVE the chair! Good pics!

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