Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rules of Blogging?

As I've evolved in the blogosphere I've noticed underlying rules in the blogging world, like in the real world. You know - saying thank you, excuse me, and even cell phone etiquette. On the web there seems to be common blog courtesies of posting, commenting, and providing feedback. These blog courtesies got me thinking:

Are there rules or etiquette of blogging?

If so, what are your rules? Do you have rules on how often you should post, leave feedback, or how to respond to comments?

Have you ever been turned off by a blogger who didn't follow a set of rules?

For example, I like to blog 1-3 posts each day during the week, and tend to take Saturdays off. When someone leaves me a comment I try to visit their site and leave a reply on their blog. I can't recall a specific time I was turned off by another blogger. But, I have stopped reading blogs that aren't updated regularly with at least 1 post every other day (unless there is a reason - sick, vacation). This isn't necessary a deal breaker for me - more that I enjoy the daily updates.

Much of blogging is about building a community and forming connections. Posting, receiving feedback, and leaving comments are essential parts of blogging, yet it can all be overwhelming. I have a boring job that allows me time to blog and comment. But, what if I didn't? Would Please Sir stop functioning? There has been times when people stopped commenting on my blog, therefore I stopped replying to their blog. We got lost in the mix, and I regret that because it feels like I lost a reader or new friend. So, where do you draw the line?

Interesting rule list on Flickr by bowbrick.

(image via selva)


JanelleGrace said...

Hmm, I try to look at people's blog who leave comments, if I like them, I will watch them, no matter if they reply again. I always feel weird replying on my own blog (& Etc.) because they aren't my photos so I have no clue what to say.

But if I am always commenting on a blog and the person makes no acknowledgment to my comments (especially when acknowledging others), I feel a little hurt.

I guess blogs are like friendships.

diana @ please sir said...

Janellegrace - thank you for putting that into words. I was trying to express that too about when someone doesn't acknowledge your comment you feel a bit hurt. You are so right!

JanelleGrace said...

Yeah, but I also apologize to anyone who comments on & Etc. I just don't know how to respond to that!!!

On my personal blog, I will respond all the time.

Karen said...

It's taken me the better part of a year to get into the swing of it all, but I'm starting to develop some blogging patterns. I'm even figuring out that I can "schedule" blogs for a day or two down the road for when I'm busy or forget to blog...gotta keep those posts coming!

I also think it's important to comment on posts you really like and also to visit the sites of people who comment on your blog and comment on theirs and/or respond in some sort of way. I think this is right up there with "blog often" on any set of blogging rules. Comments = dialog = expanded readership = blog friends! :)

Laura @ Shorehouse Chic. said...

My blog is really a personal blog (in that it's really just pics & stories of my stuff) so I realize it's not the forum for people to post a lot of comments. That said, I tend to comment more on “original content” (someone’s own art, a redesign of their room, stuff they bought, etc.) than I do on postings with 2nd party stuff (for lack of a better way to describe!).

I also really try to acknowledge all comments on my blog…if not it would be like getting a gift and not sending a thank you. I also like frequently updated blogs but file stuff on Google reader now so it makes it easier for me to skim new posts only.

Also: One of the first blogs I ever visited was Apartment Therapy way back in the olden days of blogging (4 years ago :-) and I was shocked (still am) by people leaving posts like, "Your style sucks. Hate every room." I kinda feel…there’s no place for that. But I guess when people open up their (virtual) doors…they open themselves to comments of all kinds?? I think it’s icky.

JLC Studio said...

Great question as usual!! I have been mulling this one over too! I think for me personally, it doesn't matter to me if someone acknowledges my comment on their blog or not...on some of them I read, there is no possible way that the blogger could respond to everyone that comments (unless you are a super star like Erin from DFM). I just comment because I like what I read or see :)

If someone comments on my blog, it's greatly appreciated and I do my best to email them back...but sometimes I just don't have the time myself or I forget (I'm really bad about that!). I also used to comment back but I sometimes feel like that's not worth it because I'm not sure if they'll even see the response (I myself don't use the track back feature if I comment unless I've asked a specific question of the blogger-my inbox would be crazy!).

I would love to be able to communicate with all the bloggers I read and everyone that comments but I barely have time to do my own posts and read all the blogs that I love! I hope that makes sense and doesn't sound like a cop-out! There are definitely certain bloggers that I've become friends with that I make the time for regardless of how busy I've been!!! I love being able to show my support through my comments to them and if I receive support back, that's a nice bonus :)

I try to say thanks to everyone that comments each week in my Friday Flickr Find...:)

Julia said...

Diana,this is a fascinating topic! First off, I love the image you picked for this post, it made me smile!

I guess I have only a few pet peeves, but they feel more personal that universal. I will post frequently on blogs that I find attractive, relevant, and well written regardless if they post every day. I try very hard to post on blogs that have commented on my blog, it's like reaching out and shaking someone's hand, yes, yes, very nice to meet you too :)

I feel overwhelmed by blogs that post more than five entries a day, it's so hard to track. I'll skip commenting on some of those blogs.

I do find myself turned off by blogs that seem to use their blog only to toot their own horn. Does that make sense?

Sandra Ree said...

I never knew there were rules about blogging except to be "kind" to fellow bloggers. I link to bloggers that visit my blog whether they leave a comment or not. It's nice when they do and I'll respond to their comment in my blog and visit their blog also. So far, I haven't had any bad experiences in blogging. :)

A Print A Day said...

Hmm. I usually respond to the comments on my blog--unless I'm bogged down and crazy busy that I forget or overlook responding. I'm always grateful people are so generous with their words. But I don't mind critiques either or if people don't comment.

I also visit and comment on blogs that I like (or remember--I have a ton in my bookmarks). I don't really expect people to visit me when I leave a comment. And I usually leave feedback if I love what is in their site, such as yours, not because I feel like I have to, but because I like the content and the person who owns the blog :) It's a nice surprise when people visit me as well if I stop by though, whether they do it out of politeness or because they like what they see. But I do have my set of blogs which I visit regularly.

What I've been finding is that the more "professional looking" blogs such as Blogger and Typepad have an almost different set of rules than Livejournal. I've always been with Livejournal for the longest time as it's my personal non-creative blog, and many of the people on my "friends list" are my "real" friends. The difference is actually quite interesting. And since I don't know most of the people in Blogger, I try to be very careful with my words. I'm generally pretty outspoken, especially when it comes to politics and whatnot. And I sometimes feel that I have to censor myself--which i don't do in LJ.

I also feel kind of bad that I don't have a blogroll yet. It seems everyone does. I think this part gets kind of tricky because I notice that people who have super super long blogrolls have sites that take forever to load. And I've got a LOT of links on my bookmarks. So I'm still trying to figure this out. Well actually, my entire sidebar needs a makeover anyway.

Oh, and if someone posts about me that I know of, I email them or leave a thank you comment.

Anyway, I'm still learning. Oh, and have you seen the blogging rules post at Meet Me at Mike's? They're rather interesting and informative.

Jessie Cacciola said...

you know, at first i just started blogging to prove that i'd be good at magazine journalism. and i wanted to get my feet wet and network. but then, i started to fall in love with this amazing creative and kind community, so i embraced that and started commenting and posting more.

great question, diana. i actually did a piece about the rules of blogging for a writing class last semester, and i really think it depends on the community. and i like what we have going here. :)

A Print A Day said...


I'd also like to say that I've "met" some of the coolest, most creative and nicest people on Blogger. And I've chanced upon most them though comments they leave in my blog or comments they leave in blogs such as yours or DFMK, or wherever. So yes, besides etiquette factors, I find that it's a great community building and networking tool.

Ack...such a long-winded comment. Sorry.

diana @ please sir said...

Interesting feedback - thanks! That's crazy about the negative comments - I don't like that. If you have a critique, then it is fine...but down right mean is not cool.

I guess it does come down to having time to do all the commenting. I don't expect a response from all blogs, especially with the amount of e-mails and comments they might get.

Ah yes, I didn't even consider the differences between services like Blogger and Live Journal. Seems like there are particular people that are either Blogger, Wordpress, or Typepad that comment on each other's blogs. Maybe the format suits them better?

The blogrolls can get tricky. I don't want mine to be crazy long, but I don't want to leave anyone out. Kind of PC I guess? I didn't know the blogrolls make your page load longer - I thought it depended on photos on your blog. I'm not sure?

JanelleGrace said...

I do feel about the "blogrolls" sometimes. I want my blogs to be very clean looking so I don't have anything on the side. But sometimes I wish I did.

mary said...

Great topic Diana!

I try to post at least once a day, six times a week. One thing that keeps my attention as a blog reader is when blogs have regular postings - infrequent postings are a bit of a turnoff. Really, as long as I know WHEN to expect a post, that's good enough. Even if it's just, say, every Monday.

Google reader, though, has helped with this. I'm no longer going directly to each and every blog that I've bookmarked to check to see if they've posted something. HUGE timesaver. However, I have over 180 blogs on my reader, and so if there's a blog that barely ever has new posts, I'm still apt to unsubscribe, simply to whittle down my list of blogs as much as possible.

As for leaving comments on other people's blogs...I always make a point of doing this for bloggers who comment on my blog. I do this on a regular basis, as often as time permits, and try to make it a priority. I am thankful for anyone who READS my blog, never mind takes the time to leave a comment! So, I think it's important to reciprocate.

I also comment on blogs that have never vistited mine. Not a ton (like I mentioned above, my priority is to first comment on those who comment on mine), sometimes due to time contraints, but also because sometimes I feel that my comment will be lost among the hundreds that are already there. But, usually, if a post really grabs me, I'll leave a comment because, hey, who doesn't like to hear positive feedback!?

Figuring out how to best respond to comments left on my blog has been tricky. I don't normally leave responses in the comments of my post unless, say, someone has a question and the answer might be of interest to the others.

If someone is a new commenter, I reply to their comment directly via e-mail thanking them for visiting.

For the rest of the commenters, I usually don't have time to reply to each and every comment via e-mail (I work full-time & freelance on the side, among other things)...however, I do reply directly if they're asking something non-related to the post, or just overly sweet or complimentary. And, at the very least, I go to their blog and make sure to comment.

Oh - last rule: if you're posting, say, photos from another source, not only reference where the photos originally can be found, but where you might have seen it initially.

Wait. One last thing: blogrolls. I don't really have one. I have one for some immediate neighbors, my fellow Kirtsy editors, but that's it right now. Partly because of that pesky "time" issue I've got (I don't have time to maintain it), and partly because, where do I draw the line? I read over 180 blogs a day. I don't think I want 180 blog links along my sidebar, but then again if I left someone out I would be totally heartbroken.

Gosh, I'm chatty. :)

Anonymous said...

More or less the same as you...I like to update once a day or twice if I'm feeling crazy like that. I try to visit those who visit me and comment. Hopefully I don't miss anyone. I get turned off by blogs that have music. Can't deal.

Now shall I expect a visit? ;-)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Numero Uno for me are PHOTOS, I'm such a visual person, I can hardly stand to look at a blog that is nothing but text, although I have made a couple blog buddies that I genuinely enjoy reading what they have to say. If I stumble upon someone for the first time, and I don't see any photos, I keep on rolling!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Oh yeah, and I'm big on comments, I like to give them, as well as receive them! Upon first finding someone, I will leave a few, if the never come visit me, I'm more inclined to not comment on theirs any longer....but I'll still spy with my google reader in some instances.

Annapurna said...

I leave comments on blogs that I could not resist telling them how much I liked them, my friends, people I know visit my blog regularly and co participants in challenges.

But if I leave comments on their blog twice and I did not hear back from them via email or a comment back, I keep them in the reader for a while, but do not comment.

I think I actually offended at least one person with my comments. I try to help them understand my tone, when I joke, but it is their tone they are hearing when they are reading a comment.

One more thing that I do not understand is why you and so many other bloggers reply to comments by commenting on their own post. I usually don't go back to the same post and click on comments to see if they replied back. Help me understand.

How about ETA in the post, if you would like to add acknowledgments to the comments.

Regarding the frequency of posting, I really don't mind one way or the other. One shouldn't post just to keep their frequency. I think one should post when they have something they feel like sharing with others.

Sorry about the long comment.

P.S: You should take my challenge and remove the word verification. See my challenge on my blog. "psuiqug" :-)

JanelleGrace said...

Annapurna, people reply to their own post because you can have the comments sent to your email now. It's a lot easier to have an email then expecting to find where the person commented on your blog, if they didn't do it to the first post.

And I had word verification off for a while and someone spammed my blog with a virus link. So now it stays on.

quaint handmade said...

i love this question. i read blogs and commented on them for a long time before we started our little blog, which is still finding it's voice. my favorites are those with whom i've had some kind of interaction, whether it be an occasional email regarding a comment i left on their blog, or a comment on ours.

it's really nice to have some interaction, and it can be a turn-off if the person never acknowledges the readers, even if it's in general.

what really drives me crazy is when someone posts about a difficulty their facing in their lives, then people pour their hearts out and/or give encouragement in the comments, and the blogger never mentions the issue again! commenting takes time, too.

for our blog, i visit the blogs for every commenter, but we have a small readership. i'm not sure if it would be possible if there were many comments - i don't know how erin does it.

i also respond to every comment within the post itself, but i'm not sure if this is the best place. do people come back? i know blogger lets you receive emails when new comments are added, but i'm not sure if most people do this.

Stephanie Ryan said...

This is a hard one because I never know if I should just reply to a post on my blog, or send an email, or go to the persons blog and post a comment on their blog. Do people check back on your blog to see if there comment was acknowledged?
I try to do at least one of those things. I love getting comments and giving them, I wish that I had more to time to devote to it because I love the interaction with new people. I was going to actually email you today. I had a horrible day at work today. I so don't want to be here. I want desperately
to do my own thing and not be tied down to a job. I thought of you. How do you get through your days?(sorry to be off topic)

diana @ please sir said...

Annapurna - I also removed word verification for awhile and got spammed, so now it stays on. I actually don't like it either, but I don't want to be spammed!

As far as commenting on your own blog - I'm not sure if people come back and look. I know if I like a discussion or pose a question on another blog's comment section I will get e-mail updates or re-check the comments. I like doing it because it can start a topic or conversation - almost like talking on instant message. I've even gotten some post ideas this way. I don't expect people to come back and check it, so I also go to their blog and leave a comment or answer a question that way too.

Stephanie - I know what you mean!! It gets really hard some days. I'm going to dwell on this and e-mail you back.

Jan said...

Hey Pleasie.. Good questions and great feedback. I am so caught up in not hurting anyone's feelings, that it becomes so overwhelming. I finally have found my niche of people and am very content. But I always look forward to new ones and go and check them out and continue with them if I feel a connection.

I have a lot of local people that blog. Neighbors, friends etc. I find that I get more consistant feedback from fellow bloggers I do not necessarily know. I have faithful friends that do, but not all of my community does. I was so hurt at first, but realized its okay. So I have finally slowed down on feeling I have to comment on everyone's to not have them feel badly.

It is a whole different world, but a very enjoyable one. I enjoy your blog very much. I am very very visual as well. I have to have eye candy or very good writing to have me stick around.

Great post and have the best day.

jozette said...

I always feel guilty when I can't post everyday. I try really hard to post every day, but my job gets so busy at times that I just don't have the time. And, lately my internet has been stoooopid, so I can't blog at home all the time. I always hope that even if I don't blog for a couple days, people will come back and read.

As far as commenting - I like to reply to the comments on my blog. It's like having a dialog which I think makes it even more fun. That interaction is important to me.

Anonymous said...

Hm, this is such an interesting topic, and also interesting reading all the comments on this topic here :-) My job is busy, so I tend to blog when I have the time, probably a bit unconsistent with many post one day, and then none for a few days...but that is how I do it. I could schedule my posts to spread them out a bit, but when I'm inspired by something I have an urge to share it with my readers as soon as possible ;-)

When it comes to comments I'm a bit bewildered in what is the polite thing to do .... sometimes I'll answer with an email, other times I just make sure to comment on one of their interesting posts. I try to answer or comment back on all the comments I receive,as they are so important to me, but sometimes I must admit I loose track....especially if I've been off-blogging for a while ;-)

I've never stopped reading a blog I find interesting if the person does not reply on my comments, but if I've been commenting for a long time, and I never hear from that person, I just read their blog and do not make an effort to comment. I just assume if they do not reply, they probably do not have an interest in connecting with me..

The Lil Bee said...

It's funny you bring this up...

I'm fairly new to this and am slowly noticing the blogging etiquette myself. I've personally never been turned off by a blogger, as I find that the interesting thing about blogging is that everyone has their own opinions and voice, and that is what keeps me intrigued. And, like you, I try to always reciprocate comments... mainly because I know how good it feels to get a comment. I also am happy to add people to my blogroll for the same reason.

It is very rare but occasionally you run into a blogger that doesn't seem to acknowledge your comments. I find that strange and, like Janellegrace said, a little hurtful. At the end of the day, we're all putting our hearts out there and it's nice to encourage one another.

Of course, I am new, so I'm still getting the swing of all this... Still, I'm very grateful for the lovely people I've "met" through blogging, as they are the ones who inspire me to post each day. :)

Suzie said...

Hi! This is an interesting topic and something that I bore my boyfriend with endlessly. In my experience in the blogosphere everyone has been so lovely and supportive and friendly. My wee blog has a readership of maybe 5 (which i'm perfectly happy with! I don't update it often) and i've often thought of quitting it because I find it hard to update frequently, but I never will quit it. It's my only connection to like-minded people and I really appreciate knowing that there's other people out there who understand my love for beauty and uniqueness, handmade, film and photography, fashion ect.

I don't get many comments, as my blog is a teeny, but when I do I feel really happy. It's amazing how it just warms the heart. I always reply, it's great to "meet" new people :)

One thing I find though is that I prefer blogs that are updated maybe 2-5 times a week. Blogs that are updated many times a day are just so hard to keep track of i'll often unsubscribe because at the end of the day i'm just scanning the pictures and not reading any of the text :( I prefer to read the words people write, but when there are multiple posts during a day I just can't.

Jude said...

Why are you so good at posting about the exact things on my mind?!! I think everyone else has covered what a lot of my thoughts are on this, and it's interesting to know how many of us are on the same page, but maybe I'll write my own post about this too.

M.Kate said...

I understand what you mean. I can't post often because I am not in the office all the time. I cant post often too because my post takes a lot of time for researching and at times, long winded and long. So, I think it really depends on what the bloggers have in mind.

I think comments are very important because it tells us who came or not, otherwise, if they came and not comment, we would have no idea.

I'd like to think that all blogs are great as it teaches something different, but when I know the person a little more, it suddenly turns into a super-blog because there is a connection.

It's true when we continue to comment on others blog and they dont respond, we..well, I tend to give up too, and try to take it personal..which is hard too. However, some of the blogs I have develop a good friendship and it becomes really good.

Interesting post! See the long responds you got from everyone :)

happy weeekend

Kirsty said...

Wonderful post & subsequent comment. I've made some rules for myself. I'm finding it challenging to stick to them though!

Sew Bettie said...

Interesting post. I do try to check out everyone's blog who comment on mine. I use google reader to keep track of my favorite blogs so it doesn't matter to me how frequently they update since it will automatically be in my reader.

I guess the only real turn offs for me are:
1. no pictures
2. when it is hard to leave a comment (e.g. on live journal you usually need to have an account to comment.)

That Girl Designs said...

girl, you really do come up with the best topics. i'll have to give this one some thought....i just stopped to read all of the comments already left. WOW! what a response and such great thoughts about this blogging business.

here's my two cents: i haven't always responded to everyone's comments, mostly because i wasn't sure how best to do it. and if the comment is short (which is what i usually leave) i don't know that it is really necessary to comment back with a thank you, but i DO visit their blog and often leave a comment there. and, i read several blogs a day, but may not leave a comment for weeks. it just depends on the post and if i feel i really have anything to offer. i don't often comment on blogs like decor8 because that poor girl gets like 400 comments a post (or something close to that) but, i do read her blog daily and enjoy it. i know people visit my blog and don't comment and i'm fine with that. i just hope they enjoy what i've posted and come back for more.

the best part about blogging for me has been the people i've met through the community. i feel like i have new friends that i would have otherwise never met. i know my blog won't appeal to everyone and that's OK. i'm grateful for the blogging friendships i've found and hope to add more friends as time goes by.

as for my blogroll, i only list blogs that i read daily and that i've read for a while. i include them because i believe in their blog and want to share them with my friends and family.

OK, here's my last comment on the subject. i've recently come to realize that some of the best, most up-to-date, dynamic, post filled blogs are authored by people who blog for a living. i don't blog for a living and have come to accept the fact that i cannot keep up with those who do. if i miss responding to a comment, its not because it isn't appreciated, its because sometimes my non-blogging life gets in the way.

diana, thank you for opening up this discussion. i very much enjoyed reading everyone's input and will keep these thoughts with me when out in blog land. :-)

oh, and what's up with the spam on your blog. i've not heard of that. perhaps i should enable the word verification.

littlebyRD said...

Oh this is so interesting. I guess I am still learning as I go. I sure appreciate it when someone leaves me a comment after I've visited their blog - as others have said - commom courtesy and all.

karey m. said...

loving these comments! one of my fave ideas? blogging is like making friendships. it's true, right?

so in my faux world, i reciprocate. kindness makes more kindness. and that's always a good.

this post couldn't have come at a stranger time...i've noticed that a new blogger-friend has started using some fairly obscure artwork in her posts...stuff i posted a few days apart back in january.

forget all the other sudden similarities...i understand that writing styles and formats change, i guess.

and, in the nicest way possible...i drew her attention to it. like, eek! wow. coincidence?

the response? no way! what a coincidence! ummm. ok.

but me? i would've fallen all over myself to give credit. heck, even when i post something i haven't seen before, i beg my three readers to tell me if THEY'VE seen it before.

it was a little disappointing, you know?

so you're all right. blogging is like making friends. and friendships take effort, i guess.

{sigh.} catholic guilt. it's a wonderful blogging tool.

::{J}:: said...

This is funny because I can totally understand where you're coming from! I tend to do the same with blogs that aren't updated regularly but then my schedule will get busy & I can't get posts up daily so it's not a big deal if it's like every other day now. Really though, I don't have too many rules about it. It's all for fun!

SimplyGrove said...

I have to agree with {J}. I try to keep blogging fun but sometimes it can get a bit intense. I do agree that a no picture blog is a turnoff so thats my number 1 rule, PICTURES!!!

Mrs.French said...

So confused as to what the correct etiquette is. I guess I visit a lot of blogs I find interesting and/or inspiring. I know that some of these blogs will never reply and I honestly don't feel hurt. Whereas I have blogging friends and I anxiously await for comments and actually would feel a bit sad if they didn't (oh and by the way you fall into this category so you better keep stoppin' by and spreading the love). I try to comment on those who stop by mine...but space it sometimes and honestly don't intend to hurt anyone's feeling. So I guess this little post has put me in check.

Anonymous said...

I post every week day (well, 99% of the time). Although if I'm really busy or don't have much inspiration I feel bad about posting something that is not my usual amount of effort. Having said that, my usual amount of effort takes about 2 hours to prepare. So sometimes its just impossible.

As far as commenting goes, when I first started my blog I didn't know that you were meant to respond in your own comments. So I probably offended people by not responding.

Apart from that, my posts do not really stir up conversations like yours do. They are really just pretty pictures and people leave a comment when they like them etc. I don't really feel I have any response to make to that. Although, I do visit their blog and try to leave a comment on something they have posted about.

In terms of other people's blogs, I really only comment if I particularly like something. I'm not into schmoozing or sucking up. So I only comment if I really mean it.

Having said that, I feel like a bit of a loser if I comment fairly regularly on someone's blog and they never respond or comment on mine. But I'm over it in about 0.457 seconds.

Pip at Meet me at Mikes has recently done a series of posts on blog etiquette. They are worth checking out. (

Anonymous said...

A perfect example of why I don't comment much - while I was just typing that comment, my little girl tipped milk all over the coffee table and then did finger painting in the milk.

kris said...

I agree with 'That girl designs' about everything,still, my biggest problem is a language.It took me so much time to leave a simple comment and sometimes I feel so frustrated and sad not being able to express myself in a way I wood like that I just give up.

diana @ please sir said...

WOW - great feedback! I agree and enjoy lots of pictures. Kris - I can understand how language can be a barrier, but I (and I'm sure other bloggers) still appreciate your comments!

Esti said...

My rules are flexible: I try to post everyday; I try to visit the blogs of everybody that comments on my blog; I don't get really hurt if I don't have feedback in blogs I comment on. I make sure to comment everytime I like something I see or read. I assume that people do more or less like me. I assume people don't comment if they don't like what you post. In the end my rule is "Be nice to the people that are nice to you"

Karen said...

Not sure if someone said this yet or not, but regarding blogrolls -- I used to have a (long) blogroll directly on my site, but recently just decided to have a link in my sidebar linking to my Bloglines feed list. It's easier to keep up with, since I'm always updating that anyway, and it still lets people see what I'm reading!

Krissy said...

How did I miss this post?! My rules are a lot like yours. If someone comments, I go to their blog and comment. Most of the time, I try to get permission from the artists I post about- which is a great networking tool. I tend to post only once because most times I only visit a blog once a day (which is probably why I'm late on the draw on this one).

All the info here in the comments is great! Thanks for a great post :)

Fiore fresco said...

I like a blog that has turned on their feeds. It's always hard to keep up with one that hasn't! But I'm not the best blogger...that's for sure! I always want to thank people for comments and go visit, but between my business and boys, it often doesn't happen. And I always feel bad about it!

Victoria said...

When someone has taken the time to comment on my blog, I try very hard to visit and comment on theirs, and by doing so, I now feel part of a much larger community. And I love that!

However when I see posts, (such as this one!) that are receiving dozens of comments, (I think mine is number 46!) I would never expect the blog author to take the time to individually respond and visit each site that visited theirs.

I do feel a lot of internal pressure to keep posting regularly, and fret about lack of interesting comments, and time to post. Lately I have just decided to try and let go of the obsessive worry, post when I can, comment when I can, and just try to keep it fun!

So far my experience with others who blog has been overwhelmingly supportive. I amazed at how generous in spirit everyone is and feel continually grateful for this supportive, educated and creative community!

Laura said...

goodness, it looks like i am a day & 45 comments late on this one...

this is a great post & a very interesting topic for me. personally, with my "extended 5 week leave" fastly approaching, i am very concerned about not being able to post & read as i normally would. i'm afraid of missing out on all the fantastic things i know my favorite bloggers will posting & frankly, i'm afraid of losing readers indefinitely since i will be gone for so long.
i just keep trying to remind myself that blogging is really something i do for myself. it's a creative outlet & a way to keep track of my thoughts & likes. as long as i keep having fun with it, it doesn't matter if anyone else enjoys it or not (it's just a plus if they do).

i do definitely agree with janellegrace, though. blogs are very much like friendships. i feel like i've made some great friends over the past few months, friends that i may never meet in person but that i cherish anyway.

thanks for the great post!

jae said...

This is a great topic! I know I've made the mistake of emailing people directly if I wanted to comment on something outside of a particular post. I think they get lost in spam more often than not since I rarely receive a reply.

As a new blogger, this was a great post to read.

jae said...

Thank you! P.S. I've been meaning to tell you that I like the name.

design for mankind. said...

WOWZA! This is a fantastic topic that I like to explore with Husband, who is a non-blogger. I think it depends 100% on the community around you. It's kind of like whether or not you were taught to put your elbows on the table. It wasn't a big deal in my house, so I didn't notice when other people would do it. But Husband immediately pointed it out when I first met him and was totally disgusted.

Point being, if it's important to you for your own blog, you expect the same to be important for other blogs.

So, I try not to take it so seriously. There is no blogging manual (and i don't think there should be!), so it's impossible for us all to manage the same expectations. With that said, do unto others as you'd like them to do on your blog. For me, that means thank your readers, pay attention to them, work your tail off to find new things that make your readers think, and credit those that help you along the way.

And if you're lucky, you'll get eight hours of sleep a night. ;)

WHEW! Long comment. Sorry, Diana!

And gracious, I am honored to be called a superstar, JLC-- and thanks for the mention, Yas.

Diana--- great topic. :)

Fifi Flowers said...

I love so many blogs and I have so many in my favorites column... it would take me days to put them all on my site of FUN blogs to visit... I feel bad that they are not all there... but it is so easy to send them to favorites!
I love to receive comments on my blog... and I'm like you... I like to visit their blogs and leave a message... I also email back to comments if I have their emails.
I love this blogging world... so far, I have only come across nice, friendly people... I have nothing bad to say as of this moment.
I've enjoyed meeting you and corresponding!
Good post!

Hooked on Houses said...

I just spent half an hour reading all these interesting comments. Great discussion here, Diana! Seems like you've always got a good conversation going on.

I'm not sure I have anything to add to all of these good thoughts and the sound advice everyone else has mentioned. But I do feel like it's important to acknowledge your readers somehow. We've all been to blogs where you feel like they're having a party you weren't invited to, and you wonder if your comments are ever noticed. I try hard to let my readers know they're all welcome and appreciated. I hope they know that!

I enjoyed this post--and the photo you used for it! -Julia :-)

bakingwithplath said...

This is a great topic! I'm new at the whole blogging thing, so I still don't know exactly what is what.

I don't always have a good response for comments left on my blog, but I feel bad if I don't at least try to say something back.

I'm a little shy at commenting on others blogs, but I've been trying to do more of that lately. I guess I am sort of a lurker at heart. :]

shi(f)t said...

I think it all depends on why you do this...for me, blogging is part inspiration and part therapy. i comment on things that strike a cord and write about things i'm feeling (life art, beauty). its an open community but one that ultimately revolves around how much you put into it...

i tend to get in blogging ruts and notice my comments drop. when that happens, i try and remind myself that this world ebbs and flows a bit... if i touch a cord with people or find others that do it for me, things tend to come back to center.

shi(f)t said...

I think it all depends on why you do this...for me, blogging is part inspiration and part therapy. i comment on things that strike a cord and write about things i'm feeling (life art, beauty). its an open community but one that ultimately revolves around how much you put into it...

i tend to get in blogging ruts and notice my comments drop. when that happens, i try and remind myself that this world ebbs and flows a bit... if i touch a cord with people or find others that do it for me, things tend to come back to center.

shi(f)t said...

I think it all depends on why you do this...for me, blogging is part inspiration and part therapy. i comment on things that strike a cord and write about things i'm feeling (life art, beauty). its an open community but one that ultimately revolves around how much you put into it...

i tend to get in blogging ruts and notice my comments drop. when that happens, i try and remind myself that this world ebbs and flows a bit... if i touch a cord with people or find others that do it for me, things tend to come back to center.

shi(f)t said...

I think it all depends on why you do this...for me, blogging is part inspiration and part therapy. i comment on things that strike a cord and write about things i'm feeling (life art, beauty). its an open community but one that ultimately revolves around how much you put into it...

i tend to get in blogging ruts and notice my comments drop. when that happens, i try and remind myself that this world ebbs and flows a bit... if i touch a cord with people or find others that do it for me, things tend to come back to center.

Artistic Chicas said...

Thank you for visiting my Blog & giving us "newbies" some vital information about Blogging. I'm just learning the ropes myself, figuring the direction I want to take my Blog with my art, decor, collecting, and places I enjoy, but communication is always a 2- way street. I hope to continue in the right path, and teachers like you will ensure a happy medium.
I would like to keep "Blog House" as well, and make sure I link to active sights...for others who are learning too. So I hope to always keep the posts active...while learning how to post interesting pictures.
Once again...thank you & please visit again.

meet me at mikes. a happy place for crafty types said...

Great Post! It's fraught with difficulty, this blogging thing.. and it should be all hearts and flowers, don't you think?!

I found you via Stumbleupon via Kootoyoo - and I'm mighty glad that I did!

I delete nasty comments. It's MY BLOG and I do what I like and I don't like nasty people!!

Fabulouso blog ya got here.. good job lovey!

xx pip

Tuan Rahmand said...

Wonderful post & subsequent comment. I've made some rules for myself. I'm finding it challenging to stick to them though!

vi said...

that's nice posting..
thx for about info

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