Monday, September 28, 2009

Love by Geneine Honey

I adore these brooch sets and necklaces from Love by Geneine Honey. The bright colors and creative silhouettes make Monday seem a little more happy. The Ferris wheel necklace looks particularly fun to wear!

On a side note, even though it rained the Liberty Antique Festival was wonderful and I purchased some great finds. I can't wait to share photographs with you...hope to have them up tomorrow so stay tuned!


SimplyGrove said...

These are adorable!! Seriously!! Oh, and I cant get over the white chair below...eeekkkk!!!!

Amanda Nicole said...

Oh wow, I adore the car & trailer piece.

Mallory said...

these are so witty & awesome.

Freshly Found said...

The car and caravan are delightful! A clever idea!

ambika said...

Those swing pendants are so ridiculously clever.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

The "swing girl" totally reminds me of me as a kid! It's amazing I'm still in one piece given the playground shenanigans. ;-) I just love it!

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