Monday, October 12, 2009

Michael Partenio

Get a little romantic and graphic with these lovely interiors photographed by Michael Partenio. Each inspiring interior is filled with stylish details like delicate floral and modern patterns. I love the industrial office complete with a metal desk, cozy leather chair and vintage radio collection. I could spend my days working, playing and daydreaming in that kind of space!


Fiesta lady said...

Very nice - future awesome house

Annette said...

I've been a fan of his work fo some time now. Pretty great rooms. Thanks for sharing!

limonana said... much beauty!

vintage simple said...

I particularly love that second to last bedroom - the white floors, the blue bench, the pops of red and, the iron bed... Yes, I could stay there for a long time...


leah said...

so much beauty! i really love the 2 lines of red patterns on the wall in frameless frames!

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