Monday, November 9, 2009

Hedwige Jacobs

Originally from the Netherlands, Hedwige Jacobs draws inspiration from the box-like houses and landscape of her current residence in Houston. Her drawings also address themes like overcrowding and human interaction. From these themes intricate narratives are created, which evoke intriguing questions about the idea of home.

I also love the use of woven interlaces to create connectivity and a literal thread of life. Believe textile loving heart is beating fast! Simple, yet truly inspiring work - check out more here.


little room la said...

i am loving that 3rd drawing for some reason.. not sure what it is but i love it! :D

katy elliott said...

Wow super pretty!

simplesong said...

really lovely....bookmarking this one.

Vanilla Press said...

Wow, love these

Crazy Collector said...

Just stumbled on your fantastic blog. I like your selections! BTW, she has a blog of her own as well:

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