Monday, January 25, 2010


Artist Anne Wilson worked with talented gaffers and glass artists to create amazing, sculptural pieces titled Rewinds. Wilson says, "In watching the movement of the gaffers, I realized the relatedness of textile processes to glass -- glass is flexible and can be fibrous when molten. By translating fiber bobbin winding, or rewinding, into glass we are able to produce and exploit aesthetic analogies between these two modes of production." I'm impressed by the process and infusion of textile and glass production. The texture, the translucent quality and the colors of the resulting works are stunning.

On a more personal note, blog life will be sporadic this week. I just recently moved again...second time in less than a year....ugh! I honestly don't want to see a moving box or truck in a very long time. So this week will be devoted to unpacking and recovering, but I'll still be around and I look forward to catching up!

Link - Anne Wilson


abigail said...

I love Anne Wilson's work. she had a show here in Detroit this fall.

Krissy said...

happy unpacking!

Anonymous said...

hope your move is going well!

Brittany Noel said...

This is gorgeous, Diana! You find the greatest stuff over here.

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