Monday, February 8, 2010

Jessica Curtaz

Artist Jessica Curtaz takes a new and interesting approach to using everyday objects to inspire and reflect. Her quiet, yet highly detailed drawings illustrate the surface and space of objects like Target plastic bags, wire fences and even bags of holiday bows. Curtaz states, "I am interested in the way objects become something new when drawn, in the warping that happens when three-dimensional objects are recreated in two dimensions. To me these are not flaws in the medium, but the very elements that make it interesting."

The movement, space and detail within each drawing evokes a very present and beautiful in-the-moment feeling. To make a viewer pause and gain insight from these seemingly normal, everyday objects takes talent and passion. Inspiration really is found everywhere...


Eric @ said...

Very interesting, indeed!

Freshly Found said...

Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary is such a talent. And what a talent Jessica has to interpret these things so beautifully. Just love the zig zag diamonds of the mesh fence.

Ogrodzenia Plastikowe said...

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best regards

please sir said...

I agree - the mesh fence is one of my favorites too.

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