Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photo and Thread

Jane Waggoner Deschner is a talented visual artist whose medium is found, vernacular photographs. Using digital technology and the "age-old art of needle-in-hand" she "explores new ways of perceiving these ubiquitous, but often overlooked, products of mass culture." Deschner's artist statement explains, "We all snap photos of people and things we love and times we want to remember. In a studio, we hire a professional to immortalize us looking our best. When I alter a photograph’s original intent and appearance, the viewer is invited to deduce, speculate and fantasize. There are many ways to appreciate ourselves in the common photograph—even those of people, places and times we never knew."

Deschner reminds us to acknowledge the past from old photographs and to learn in the present through famous words. Together her pieces create a connection to our history and provide a promising future to look forward to.

Link - Jane Waggoner Deschner found via Junkculture & Accidental Mysteries


caroline said...

wow, very unique!

Krissy said...

these are so fantastic!

Kels Cooke said...

love this so much! x

cindy said...

jane's work is really wonderful, love the sewing. enjoy your weekend!

shi(f)t said...

So cool! really lovely work

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