Monday, March 29, 2010

Johan Thörnqvist

Get lost in little, whimsical cities drawn into big world photographs. Created by Johan Thörnqvist, these imaginative cities are filled with wonder and charm. I can only imagine the lovely people that live there and all the fun things they must do...hmm?!

Link - Johan Thörnqvist via Drawn


Lulu said...

ooh these are so fun! they remind me of little gnome or fairy cities!

Anonymous said...

amazingly creative! i love that first piece with the fire hydrant.

please sir said...

They are very fun - thanks for the comments!

bronwyn said...

I would totally live in any of those!

// S said...

these images are lovely... what brilliant creativity.

Daughter Earth said...

love these so much! really beautiful!!
what fun little cities

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