Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seaside Paint-by-Numbers

Country Style Seaside

Did you enjoy our little trip to the charming seaside cottage of Amy and Joe Keller? If so, then you will love their bedroom filled with a vintage paint-by-numbers collection. Amazing...I know! Visually enticing with pops of color, relaxing views and sea bound adventures these paintings come to life against the modern and classic furnishings.

I'm slowly building my own paint-by-numbers collection starting with this beautiful ship. Gleefully placed on my mantel I look at the painting each day and enjoy the rich colors and obsess about my own future collection. If you want to see even more paint-by-numbers madness check out my past post here!

Photography via Cottage Style Magazine


Leah said...

all those pbn's almost make me wish i would have kept all the ones i sold! love the layout of them and yours is delightful!

Kate said...

Wow that is an impressive collection!



That huge collection is fantastic. These are just so fun! Have a good weekend!

bronwyn said...

Those look amazing grouped together like that. Happy Friday!

cindy said...

i would love to find one from the seaside. wonderful collection. enjoy your weekend!

Sara Christine said...

What a fantastic idea, and a lovely collection! Do you create your own paint-by-numbers? So fun! vie said...

How awesome... I used to loooove paint-by-numbers!!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Awesome score on the ship! I saw a fabulous Abe Lincoln last week but my boyfriend did not appreciate the awesomeness so I had to pass. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana!
You captured my favorite house in that magazine; and I am absolutely nuts about coastal paint by numbers. Wouldn't a gallery like that be fantastic? I love the "start" of yours! It's great!
Have a beautiful weekend!!

Debra said...

This is a wonderful simple, clean, and light room with a modern vintage feel.

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