Monday, May 10, 2010

A Wise Woman

"A wise woman builds her home" was a quote I read while driving past a church sign this weekend. The quote has been in my thoughts throughout Mother's Day as I remembered my Mom and all the joys and sacrifices she made for our family. My Mom truly embodied this beautiful quote because she was a special, wise woman who continually built her home and family with strength and love. She will always be loved and never forgotten for all the things she has done for our family. I hope all you wonderful Moms and your wise Moms had a Happy Mother's Day and continue to build your home with beautiful moments and people.

This week take time to enjoy the small things like these photographs of a vintage milk jug filled with floral branches...also one of the first vintage finds purchased by me and my Mom. And don't forget to give Moms a big, warm hug.


Lora said...

i love that scripture, too!

Wendy said...


I was missing my mom this weekend, too. Even though we didnt have the best relationship, I finally grew up and realized she did the best she could. What I wouldnt give to have her back.

Anonymous said...

love that description of a wise woman. and totally believe it too..

cindy said...

love that quote and your mom would be so proud of you. it's wonderful how you two had such a close relationship and funny you should use the milk bottle for this post because it's something mom's always tell us to do - drink it all up just like life, i suppose. xo, c vie said...

Love the pop of yellow!

Karen said...

Wonderful quote/verse -- thanks :)

bronwyn said...

That was really lovely. Hugs.

Mary Liz said...

love this!

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