Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dan Estabrook

Working exclusively in 19th century processes, Dan Estabrook produces intimate, yet compelling photographs that illustrate the beauty of long forgotten methods. The Anthropy Arts Photographer Series beautifully documents Estabrook's design process and evocative salt prints, which explore personal issues such as love, sex and death. The final results are more than photographic prints, but highly personal and engaging objects.

I find his work truly inspiring because there is a deep connection between his subject matter and photography process. Estabrook says, "I want to make it not so that my work is interesting printed in another method, but that it wouldn't make any sense at all if it were printed in another method." I'm such a want-to-try-everything personality, so it's refreshing to see a current photographer thrive in a specific medium such as historical photography printing. Estabrook understands what works for his vision, and that in itself is a talent that takes many artists years to accomplish.

Links - Dan Estabrook / Anthropy Arts Photographer Series Video


RedDirtRevival said...

Wow. That's really fascinating! And very inspiring to see someone with that much passion for their work. Lovely.

p.s. stop by the blog today for a chance to win a mini vintage lot!

Leah said...

i love that first photo. a large print of that would be great on my living room collage wall!

please sir said...

Yes - it's a great photograph that is simple and comforting.

size too small said...

really beautiful. thanks for sharing.

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