Thursday, September 30, 2010

Liberty Antique Festival Fall 2010

Another fun (and very hot) Liberty Antique Festival brought booths filled with vintage goodies and delights. This year did not disappoint, but I did spot more novelty & decor items versus big ticket pieces. I also purchased a vintage Sterling fan in my favorite color and it actually works! Are you ready to see the rest?

A great selection of pitchers and dishware. The cube!

Trend alert - ships, ships and more ships. There was a ton of vintage ships and sea-inspired accessories.

Stylish retro briefcase hiding beside an old dartboard.

Brass and glass novelty items like an adorable bird knocker, a cute bee used for holding honey and tree stump pots. Dear Anthropologie, please hire me to find more goodies like these...thanks.

Vintage Christmas village!

I saw several variations on bold striped felt blankets - hello snuggly fall weather. Also, a large collection of horse ribbons and pastel colored furniture. I hope you enjoyed this year's Liberty I can't wait until the next show in April!

For more vintage treats, view items from the last Liberty here.


Diana said...

I'm so jealous. My face does not look impressed right now at me not being there. Look at those vintage goodies!

Love that fan though! You got a good buy! (Is it super loud though? I have an old fan and it sounds like an airplane so I hardly ever use it!)

please sir said...

Thanks! It's actually not that loud, but super slow so I don't think I'll use it on a consistent basis. But it still looks cool!

Fee-AMore said...

So so much goodies. Love that retro suitcase and of cos that sterling fan under your purchase!

das. said...

I love your fan too...

Nookie Doodle said...

Wow! Love all those vintage goodies! The fan is awesome ...

Bee Lady said...

HEY! Saw your blog on another blog and thought I'd check it out. I love all the retro/vintage stuff and guess what? I have that bag! I carry my laptop in it. It's a great new idea for an old briefcase. I only paid ten dollars for it. I thought it was a great deal, and my computer loves it too.


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