Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blue Carrot Shop

Shopping vintage for the holidays is a great way to give unique and memorable gifts. Blue Carrot Shop is filled with neat gift ideas and they are offering FREE gift-wrapping on all orders of $25 or more. Plus, you can skip the Black Friday madness!

1. Paint-By-Number Tray ($25) - what a neat find for the project-filled hostess.
2. House Tea Steeper ($40) - a tea lovers delight.
3. Cowboy Mug ($8) - for those who need to Cowboy Up in the morning!
4. Vintage Sinage - makes a perfect and personalized gift - who can resist?
5. Simpson Crate ($25) & Bird Crate ($25) - instead of gift bags, fill old boxes with holiday gifts for functional and lovely wrapping.

Link - Blue Carrot Shop


figsandfeathers said...

I just discovered your blog a week or so ago and I am so enjoying!! Hapoy thanksgiving!

Laura said...

I'm craving those vintage fruit boxes.. I was surprised at the sight of that house-shaped tea steeper, in my world they're not vintage by any means! Here in Finland, you can probably find them at every department store for a couple of euros. Maybe we're a little behind on the times!

Britney Rossi said...

Wow! What an awesome post! I love that you find such cool things and such great recommendations! IWANTTOBUYEVERYTHINGONTHISWEBSITE. :D

Julia said...

There are some definite goodies here--the boxes are especially tempting!

Danielle@Fresh Quince said...

Thanks...I may have to repost about this great shop and of course I'll give props where they are due :)!!!

Flotsam Friends said...

Oh wow, there are some insane things here. I particularly love the "P"... Why buy new when there are things like this out there. If you have a moment, I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to stop by. http://flotsamfriends.blogspot.com/2010/11/my-creative-space-flotsam-christmas.html

bronwyn said...

The tea strainer is so cute. I'm all for skipping black friday. :)

heidi said...

I had that same tea strainer back in the 80's. It came on a little metal tea tray. I miss it!!!

abigail said...

I LOVE that tray.

Sundari said...

What a cute tea strainer!!

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