Tuesday, January 22, 2008

About & Author of Please Sir

Please Sir is a daily site devoted to passions like modern and vintage design, inspiring art and personal stories presented by designer and artist Diana Martini. The phrase "please sir" started during a fun trip between good friends and a bad Oliver Twist impersonation. The phrase has since evolved into a lifelong expression used to indicate delight. The name seemed appropriate when the site started in January 2008 as an outlet for creative energy and a curious imagination.

With a unique outlook on design, Diana has obtained degrees in textiles and art & design, and is well-trained in the art of flea-marketing. She has received multiple awards for her innovative design projects, and her work has been featured in several galleries. Born in New York, Diana now lives in North Carolina and works as a textile designer. She spends her free time discovering new inspiration, learning photography and cruising flea-markets for the next vintage find.

Feel free to send comments, ideas or hellos to martini.diana@gmail.com.
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Please Sir is dedicated to posting the most current and accurate information, but if you feel there is an error please e-mail Diana. Please Sir does not promote specific items on posts for compensation, but is exploring advertising options in the future. If interested, please contact for more information.


Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure meeting you at the home show this past weekend. Thank you so much for the beautiful photo and comments of our room.
Peg Dufresne

please sir said...

So glad you found the blog! I had a great time at the show and was equally glad to meet you. Good luck on your future work!

Kara said...

Thanks for listing me under 'Current Love'! Great blog!

Kara Smith

Charlotte Tollstén said...

I'm a BIG lover of Vintage things and flea markets so Im happy I found your sweet blog. I will come soon.
See you.

Charlotte Tollstén said...

I mean I will come back soon : )

Unknown said...

hello thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog- the best thing is i found yours now! will be stopping by often,love your blog its really great
"see" you soon again

Anonymous said...

It's a pleasure for me to discover your blog!!!

mjr said...

Please Sir is my happy place. It all started when Apartment Therapy linked to your Lavender Hill post...It was mad love ever after.

The Clay Pot said...

Greetings from Chattanooga. Just discovered your blog...and love it! I liked it so much I added your link to my blog, www.dirtfromtheclaypot.com. I'll keep checking back and send you some of my readers.

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sarjuki said...

This site is one of the best I have found. 

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