Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vintage Find Sunday

This Vintage Find Sunday comes from the book Clever Crafting with Flea Market Finds. Coincidentally my Mom got the book at a yard sale. Since the book was made in 2001 some of the decorating is outdated, but the ideas could be still be used and updated. Like the communications chest above made by adding cork-board to a worn silverware chest. Here are other ideas for displaying your vintage collections.

From top to bottom: Window of Keepsakes, Stacked for Charm (great for all those little modern chairs out now), Breadboard Bud Vases for small medicine bottles, Framed Collections great for old locks and glasses, and Drying-Rack Accent Table (good for drying flowers).


pve design said...

Very cool vintage finds! Love that first one!

Anonymous said...

I like the drying rack.

Ann Marie said...

Wow! There are some really good ideas here.

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

The breadboard bud vase is such a cute idea!

AMM blog said...

This is fn! I have a friend who has her own shop & makes jewelry, she displays then on an old windowpane on a's actually quite pretty with the contrast of the shiny, delicate necklaces against the old, rugged windowpane1!

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