Saturday, January 26, 2008

Diana's Pic of the Day

This is a picture I took outside a furniture factory in my hometown. I assume this is where the factory workers take their breaks and watch the cars drive by. I loved the contrast between the colors of the green grass, orange chairs and grey brick. I also thought this photo conveyed a sense of solitude and loneliness, even in the presence of such a brilliant color combination. What do you think it represents?


Fahmy said...

Nice picture

Diana said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Fiesta Lady said...

Because I pass the scene everyday
at 6:30 am and then back again at
5:30 when nobody is there, it just
looks very lonely. Once I did see two bums sitting there and that made me feel better. I think the plastic chairs are very sad and waiting for people to use them - just like a puppy at a dog pound
waiting to be adopted.

Allison said...

the plastic chairs remind me of my high school cafeteria.

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