Friday, February 8, 2008

The New Ceramicists

Stylish ceramics are hitting the home market this season with decorative ceramics mimicking other items like books, wood, and even beer cans. A great example is Brooklyn based company Klein Reid that make handmade porcelain goods. Apartment Therapy recently featured their new items from the Gift Fair 2008. Not only have they expanded on their fabulous line, but they have also added selectively colored vases. I love the muted yellow and green hints within all those whites.

Looking for more natural ceramics? Design Crack posted the Lunuganga ceramic branch by Wok Media, that can also be used as a shelf in a bathroom, bedroom, or living room.Even beer cans are becoming works of art with these crushed beer cans recreated in Chinese porcelain by Lei Xue.

What will these new ceramicists think of next?


Fiesta Lady said...

I don't know if I like these. They are kind-of blah.

Diana said...

They are meant to be elegant and fun - a more modern look.

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