Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Noteworthy Blog: Desire to Inspire

I'm always excited to see the latest design inspiration from the Desire to Inspire blog. The website describes the authors as "An Australian and a Canadian trying to inspire the world, one room at a time." Desire to Inspire does this on their site by featuring stylists, photographers, and designers accompanied by the most amazing photos of beautiful interiors. They always leave me inspired and wondering, "where do they find such great stuff?!" In order for you to understand the magnitude and quality of their blog I posted photos from some of their recent articles below.

Photos from their Don Freeman article, who is a New York based fine art and commercial photographer. Isn't the desk and sink in these photos great?

The beautiful photographs they posted of German stylist Irina Graewe. Simple, eerie, and wonderful at the same time.

The INSANELY amazing photos in their post of the work of prop stylist Amy Chin. I've been looking at the photo of the turquoise vase and red phone every day - the mix of colors, items, and composition is out of this world!

Now that I have cleaned the drool off the floor and dished my blog envy for Desire to Inspire, go check them out for yourself at their website. You will not be disappointed and drink lots of might pass out from design overload by looking at their fantastic posts (in a good way of course)!


Miss Behaving said...

I looked at their site, and yes, I want a lake house for all those decorating ideas.

living rrom furniture said...

I like your info.
Thanks for sharing.

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