Friday, February 22, 2008

Television in the Home

Yesterday there was a great discussion going on at Door Sixteen about watching TV and how a television is represented in the home. The home of the author of Door Sixteen, Anna, was featured on Apartment Therapy. The above picture shows her living room with a wonderful rug, fireplace, and television. When she was taking pictures for the home tour, she debated about whether she should shoot around the television.

In response to this she wrote a great post addressing that she DOES watch television and isn't afraid to hide it including her love for TV reality shows like Rock of Love and Project Runway. Right on! She also mentions the lack of televisions in design magazine photo shoots saying, "There’s something a bit gauche about showing a TV, apparently, perhaps because the appearance of one is an automatic indicator that the owner of the house does not, in fact, spend all of their free time either reading the The New Yorker, listening to NPR, or teaching their kids about classical music." She concludes that watching television is a reality for her and it will stay, not hidden, in the living room.

I thought her post was great and stirred up many emotions for people. She is right...most people are afraid to admit they love watching television fearing they may come across as lazy and not smart. But, most of us DO watch television and enjoy it. Pick up any design magazine and televisions will be scarce or hidden. Many people have televisions, and most are looking stylish these days, so why not show off that expensive purchase? I guess it goes back to hiding our evil habits - stuff the fat cookies in the back of the cupboard and hid the porn under the mattress (ahh...just had to throw that one in for laughs!).

I love all kinds of television, so I am with Anna on this one and keep my television out in the living room. I wouldn't recommend your TV being the entire focal point of a room, but more of an accessory. Now if only I could afford a hot, new flat screen....please sir.

What do you think? Where is your television in the house?


Joanna Goddard said...

i love watching TV to relax -- i don't watch tons and tons but i definitely enjoy grays anatomy and the office and 30 rock -- and for years, i've gone to my friends' houses to watch project runway.

nothing bad about TV as long as it doesn't suck your life away. it's really fun to watch and talk about, that's why everyone loves it!

this was a really interesting post.....and i'm loving your blog! so glad i found you:)

Diana said...

I LOVE The Office too...wishing it was back already. Thanks for the comments!

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