Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rose and Radish: For the Table

Rose and Radish is offering wonderful items for your table entertainment pleasure.

I love tea and would enjoy it even more in these jam cookie molded tea cups. Imagine a fun mid-afternoon or after-dinner tea party! Soop Design Duncan Jam Creams Cup ($21.00).

Place your tea cups on top of these coasters for a decadent surprise. Lightly Tia Coaster ($15.00).

Going to have pastries or food at the party? Pair it with these matching Lightly Tia Placement ($29.00) and Hering Berlin Soda Pattern Bowl in Red ($56.00).

For the real party bring out the wine, and stop it up with the Koziol Deer Bottle Stopper & Dispenser ($14.50).

Pour your wine in these interchangeable, unique wine cups. Inv/Alt Snap Wine Cup ($57.00).

Show off your natural and elegant side with the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg Branch Candlestick ($1,229). What an amazing table centerpiece for your party!

Be sure to send me an invite!


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