Sunday, February 17, 2008

Vintage Find Sunday

In the Antiquing post I mentioned that most of my apartment is furnished with vintage yard sale finds that my Mom and I have found throughout the years. Each Sunday I would like to share with you our unique finds, and I hope you enjoy.

For my first Vintage Find Sunday, I share with you an old postcard holder made of metal from the Utility Engineering Company in Pearl River, New York - Made in the U.S.A. To me, vintage finds are all about the details. Not only did the $20 price tag sell me, but the sticker with its history from New York really made the purchase. I felt like I bought an interesting piece of history and a great story. I imagined this holder being used at the counter of an old, brick storefront holding 5 cent postcards - and now I have added a new story of my Mom and I finding it in a old department store converted into an antique store in North Carolina.

I currently have it on my desk with retro and foreign postcards, but I also like to switch them out with photos and inspirational pictures. If you would like to get a similar look I have found several others, both old and new, available through Pottery Barn and ebay. These might not come with a sentimental story and cheap price, but at least you will have a stylish new piece to add to your home.

Photo Carousel from Pottery Barn ($89 and $129).


Anonymous said...

Cute Blog!

Y/S Lady said...

I love it!!

Diana said...

Thanks for your support!

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