Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stones that Rock

The natural trend is here to stay, and stones are making a design impact. Stones are a great source of inspiration because they are readily found, beautiful, and sturdy. The photograph above is from a trip I took to South America. These stones were purposely placed on a mountain in Peru for religious offerings. I thought these stone stacks were an amazing resemblance to the stone items found in the market today. I believe stones offer a sense of peace and calm, which may be the reason designers continue to use them. What other stone items have you seen?

Items from Bleu Nature - pebble candlesticks, towels and bath poufs, ceramic dish, and pebble lamp.

VivaTerra stone designs - Stone Cairns and Vases, Stone Towel Hook, and River Stone Mat.

Spa Stone Soaps, in scents Green Tea and Ginger & Mint, from Gianna Rose Atelier.

Livingstones designed by Smarindesign - over-sized pebbles used as practical floor cushions for indoor and outdoor use.

Brown Wooden Stone Print from etsy seller smallstump.


TonicHome said...

Those pebble floor cushions are extremely fun! Great find!

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