Monday, February 18, 2008

Louise Campbell Furniture

Louise Campbell is an amazing designer with a business and studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. On her website it mentions that the studio's work is based on three simple rules: always start from scratch, find the core of the issue, and dare to be different. Sounds like great rules to work by. Enjoy some of my favorite Studio/Louise Campbell's furniture below.
Prince Chair - designed for a competition to design a chair for His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Frederik.

Veryround - chair focused on shadowplay and construction.

Entertainment - For waiting rooms. An attempt towards distraction with built in sound system in headrest.

Leave Your Mark - Table to reduce anonymity and relieve tension in waiting rooms.

Seesaw - upholstered seesaw intended for lounge and waiting areas, where strangers are encouraged to interact a little more than usual.


Anonymous said...

New vid I made on Louise. Enjoy!

Diana said...

Awesome - thanks!

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