Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blog Happenings

The blogosphere is bustling with activity today...

I love a warm, yellow flicker from candles, but these colored flame tea lights would be cool for a party. The unique tea lights burn with real colored flames of either green, purple or red. Simple science allows the flames to burn in these different colors because the oil is infused with various salts and metals. Crazy science! (via GreenHead)

The self-knitting lampshade brings back design days at school. Textile students love being around knitting machines! The lampshade knits on its own, completing three rotations every hour - imagine the possibilities. (via TrendHunter)

Designer Kyung-Ah Park has designed one of the most brilliant forms of combining art and nature, while maintaining a clear message. Caterpillars are known to feed on certain kinds of leaves and Kyung-Ah Park came up with the idea of squeezing honey on the leaves to spell specific words or phrases. The result is a way to send a message of ecological awareness, which the designer says, "is more affective when it is delivered by nature itself rather than humans." Amazing...made me wonder if you could do this with other insects like the way honey bees form their nest. (via TrendHunter)


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