Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cog & Pearl

I like the gritty, vintage feel of items available at Cog & Pearl. Their story is also quite interesting:

"Cog & Pearl was born in the back of a cab late one evening in early 2002. As originally conceived by partially unemployed and soul-scouring partners Kristin Overson and Seth Walter, the store was to be a place of great convergence: artist-made goods of all sorts, their own disparate tastes, a means of living independently of corporate bosses, cubicles and train commutes, and an excuse to listen to music they liked all day. The one defining rule? They had to love everything they decided to carry."

Don't we all want a similar wonderful story? Here is a peek into what they sell:

From top to bottom: Photo Collage by Faune Yerby, Oval Eye Platter by John Derian, and Eisbergfreistadt Souvenir Playing Cards by Kahn & Selesnick.

View more handmade jewelry, accessories, and home goods at Cog & Pearl's very neat website.


Jo said...

i love that store...and really love those playing cards :)

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