Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Garden & Gun

Last Christmas I subscribed to Garden & Gun, a bi-monthly magazine that aims to capture the “mystery” of the South. Memorialized in literature and film, the notion of the “South” as a distinct region is embedded into our American cultural consciousness. The concept of identity, for Southerners, always features a complex and intense connection with the land, history, and heritage of the South. Garden & Gun tells us, “wherever we are, we feel the South,” as they attempt to contain reflections of the Southern landscape within their pages.

Imagine William Faulkner + National Geographic + the Food Network, and you’ll have an idea of what Garden & Gun is like.

This magazine is not your mother’s Southern Living. Born in Charleston, SC, Garden & Gun highlights the fine character of the American South through interviews with Southern authors, reviews of excellent Southern restaurants, highlights of exciting Southern destinations, and narratives of Southern people doing “Southern” things. The diverse content of the magazine also includes “home,” “health & beauty,” and “luxury fashion” (hey, we can all dream, right?).

If you're interested, check it out at your local newsstand, our Please Sir Picks, or here.


Style Court said...

Thanks for drawing attention to this. It is so beautifully produced.

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