Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ismini Samanidou

I have an appreciation for artists that are able to combine their art with technology and form beautiful works. One artist that does this amazingly is Ismini Samanidou, who designs woven fabrics for interior spaces. The woven fabrics range from "one off pieces to limited edition textiles, and are woven mainly on industrial computerized looms."
Hidden Art says the, "Resulting fabrics retain a very personal hands on and considered feel with highly abstracted patterns and focus on the texture and patina as well as the colour and graphic design. The wall hung textiles relate to the historical use of textiles both as decoration and practical insulation."
Forest - prototype woven on a computerised jacquard loom using viscose and metallic threads.

Wisteria Panel - Detail of a panel woven in response to a 300 year old wisteria plant in the cellar of the Godolphin House.

Twigs on the Cuadra Chair - Textile design developed for collaboration with furniture designer John Miller.

Ismini Fabric - Textile design developed for George Spencer fabrics as an interior fabric. Inspired by images of peeling walls it is woven in paper and cotton.

The quality and textures of these textiles are amazing, especially the Ismini Fabric. To achieve such detail on a woven is difficult, but these are incredible. To find out more about Ismini Samanidou click here.

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Anonymous said...

I met Ismini today in a lecture she was doing on her work. She is an inspiration as she had to work so hard to set up her career despite graduating from Central Saint Martins. I will be using her work as a source of inspiration for my own weaving project over the next few weeks.

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