Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rosanna Collections

I'm excited to share with you an exciting company named Rosanna, that specializes in exceptional dinnerware. The company's pieces look beyond a simple table setting, and give you a story filled with exotic destinations and mindful journeys. Their Spring 2008 collection celebrates "nature, children, world culture" and their core inspiration - Europe. All of Rosanna's work focuses on bringing friends and family together to carry on and form traditions. Enjoy a sampling of the collections found at Rosanna.

American Bungalow Collection, inspired by mid-century modern American classics. The colors are amazing!

Mondo Glass, handmade and decorated by Mexican artisans from completely recycled materials. To the right, Mondo Collection, made of refined porcelain with global patterns. Also, a portion of the proceeds from this collection are donated to Doctors Without Borders.

The Darjeeling line was inspired by the intricate patterns of Indian fabrics and designed for homes where textiles and color play an important role. I also loved the Rosanna Bowls, available in two sizes and multiple colors.

The Soda Fountain line adds a new twist to the retro-1950's style. The sherbet colored plates look wonderful on the wall and bring a delicate touch to any kitchen.

Greek is in, and this Neo Classique set heightens this trend by adding a refined art to the table. Also hot right now is the modern floral look, and the Fleur plates bring a fresh zest to a wall or place setting. They would look fabulous paired with black or white additions.

I also got the inside scoop that in about eight weeks Rosanna we will be adding Gift Certificates and a Gift Registry to their site. The Gift Registry is going to be huge, and they plan on launching it with a contest featuring a very cool prize. Perfect for a bride-to-be or dishware lover!

For more wonderful collections check out Rosanna. Also, table talk and get tips from Rosanna on her blog.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wish I had room for lots and lots of dishes for every single day. Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

I actually just put in some cheap IKEA shelving in my basement in order to be able to have more dishes! I've gone totally mad. I hope I have a daughter someday...Rosanna's designs are the kind that give a party or theme that extra wow factor!

Diana said...

I know what you mean - dishes everywhere! The colors on these are so great too. Kudos on the IKEA shelving!

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