Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sonrisa Furniture

I am FREAKING OUT over Sonrisa Furniture. My mouth is drooling over every ounce of goodness they have on their website.

Ten years ago, Sonrisa Furniture started recycling vintage steel desks, credenzas, bookcases, and chairs by stripping the old finish and restoring the metal and hidden beauty of these objects. Today they specialize in vintage steel desks and retro office furniture in hopes of promoting the industrial style for home and office. This type of furniture is completely my style. I absolutely love, love, one more time...love Sonrisa Furniture.

The drawers, those casters, and that orange chair - perfection. Metallurgy Desk ($895.00)

Wonderful display option, more caster love! White Industrial Cart ($1,575.00)

The clear cabinets on these are amazing. Metallurgy Small Cabinets....one of each please. ($590.00 - $660.00)

Wow...everything about this set-up is incredible. The glass, the metal, and even the medical Major Organs print. Urban Medical Doctor Cabinets ($875.00 - $1,100.00)

Crazy glam! Large Movie Light ($3,200.00)

I really love this Vintage Side Table...beyond perfect for my bedroom. Where can I get $750.00?

Yes please. Tanker Bookcases ($850.00 - $1,400.00)

Getting lots of work done. Classic Steel Tanker Desk ($1,500.00)

Incredible idea for a coffee table. Flat File with glass top ($1,950.00)

Had to throw these Small Tin Robots in the mix - they go perfect with my Robot post. ($22.00)

As I finish up writing I am still ecstatic over these insanely great items. In my head I am planning my dream house interior with retro-industrial looking furniture and a mix of classroom science accessories (with some modern thrown in). I enjoy everything about these types of objects - the history, durability, appearance, and more. Ok, ok...I'm going to stop raving about my industrial love...check out Sonrisa Furniture for more greatness.


Y/S LADY said...

I see these things at Yard Sales.
Will pick them up. Also, I noticed a MAP. Also, I noticed hands that are at flea markets. If you are clever, you can find these for pennies at above venues.
Do a little scubbing and polishing and W-A-LA - you have a $1,000 piece!

Diana said...

They have several maps available on their site. I can't wait to hang my HUGE NC school map in future dream home! I really love the end tables and white industrial cart.

Anonymous said...

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Margery said...

I love how these furniture looks, simple yet strong, just like the iron furniture I had in my home. To make my fireplace looks good, I placed some hand forged iron fireplace accessories to give it life. In my mudroom, on the other hand, hand forged iron hooks are placed for my guests to hang their coats and hats at.

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