Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cooler Wall Decals?

I know...I know...there are a TON of wall decals on the blogosphere...do we really need more? YES, but these are cooler...promise. While browsing through FFFFound I stumbled upon the french site Domestic. I couldn't understand most of the site, but these wall decals speak for themselves.
Paint by number wall decals, Shoelace lesson stickers (LOVE IT!) and Stone stickers to warm up those concrete floors...so great.

Other cool finds on Domestic included 3D Wallpaper (still wondering how you clean it) and green wall pockets for the desk clutter.


design for mankind. said...

Oooh, great find-- the floor decals are fantastic!!!

SuzyQ said...

I love the paint by numbers.

Diana said...


Pintoo said...

Nice decals. i am planning to use them for decor. Thanks for your suggestion on canvas protection

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