Sunday, April 6, 2008

Vintage Find Sunday

This Vintage Find Sunday I share with you my purchases from the Antiques Spectacular Show. I would have loved to purchased a Hoosier cabinet or over-sized Jane photo, but my budget doesn't stretch that far. Instead I picked up smaller items - a wooden lever, vintage mailbox #55 cover, metal address/card catalog, and a glass jar.

Old P.O. Box cover with combination lock and wooden lever. I was instantly attracted to the details and obscure nature of the mailbox cover. Where is the other numbers?!

Detail of glass jar and metal card catalog. I have several old jars I use for storage on my desk, and I needed to replace one that broke - so I was lucky to find a similar jar. The card catalog may have been used for addresses or business cards because it is fairly small. But, makes a wonderful drawer for sewing notions.

What did you find this weekend?


shelley said...

I really love your blog. Thank you for visiting mine. Have an amazing day!

Whitney said...

I love the card catalog! I have one sitting in my parent's basement, just waiting on me to find a place for it. That's a great piece, small and compact...perfect for little objects!

Krissy said...

Oh wow! Love that mailbox. Glad you had such good luck!

Diana said...

THANKS! I'm excited about the finds...small, but good. I have no idea what I will do with the mailbox door and wooden lever, but when you see it and love it...gatta get it!

Anonymous said...

oh my, i love that card catalog. very jealous right now. :)

Ann said...

The mailbox and card catalog ae just lovely.

It is always an amazing feeling to come home with lovely vintage loots.

Nice blog you have here.

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