Friday, May 16, 2008

Office Under the Stairs

A great idea from another Swedish house photographed by Alun Callender. Many residents in smaller living spaces are transforming nooks into mini-office areas. Here is a great example - an office under the stairs. This particular space works well because:

1. The built-in shelving and cupboards make the most out of the small working area. The rolling case also adds storage and tabletop space.

2. Use of storage containers keeps the space organized and neat. Are those magazine boxes covered in chalkboard? If not, what a great idea! You can easily buy chalkboard paint and cover the ends of ordinary magazine boxes to make labeling fun and easy.

3. Maximized use of wall area with hanging storage solutions. The metal holder brings organization to tools and desk supplies. This particular piece looks like a vintage find, but you can find or make something similar.


mary said...

I love this idea!

diana @ please sir said...

Thanks - wish I had some stairs now!

littlebyRD said...

Oh I want this too!

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