Monday, June 23, 2008


Lissa Rivera provides an uncensored look into American educational institutes like private and public education facilities, greek letter societies, and community colleges.

She states, "By photographing without human presence I hope to create a stage-like setting, so that it is up to the viewer to project their own ideas of how they might experience each area. Through these portfolios I hope to touch upon both the advantages and limitations of each education."

Rivera's portfolio is intriguing and exciting. She manages to give each mysterious space an emotion and personality, even without the use of a human presence. I will never look at educational institutes quite the same.


mary said...

Wow. These shots are quite dramatic and some are even a bit sad. Very, very cool!

Krissy said...

Very nice find. I love every photo!!

diana @ please sir said...

I agree...some are a little's just a weird feeling they give off.

Paul Pincus said...


you might want to check out tim davis' recent work.


diana @ please sir said...

Paul - thanks for the photographer recommend. I do love his work - will have to post later - THANKS!

Fiesta Lady said...

Too sad and I agree with Mary.
They make me depressed.

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