Thursday, September 24, 2009

Villa G

Ultra modern interior on Please Sir? Yep, every once in awhile I fall for a modern space like this Norwegian property called Villa G by architect Todd Saunders. The unique house has modern qualities like an open floor plan, hidden closets and a floating staircase. But, they don't compare to the perks built for kids like a playground on the first floor complete with indoor roller skating and a climbing wall (are those hearts?!). If you're also an easily amused big kid...then I'll see you on the first floor and don't forget your skates!


Waxy said...

Heck yeah - I'll be there with my skates!!

SimplyGrove said...

Nice!! Love the pops of yellow!!

Hila said...

wow, so white and spacious!

bikim said...

LOVE it!! My next house wiil be something like that! not totally modern but like that on huge spaces! and lots of windows! in fact, i'm planning on having a "glass house" if you check my blog i have a post on houses like this one. Have a great weekend,

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