Friday, April 23, 2010

Vintage Medals & Crests

Vintage medals and crests are steadily becoming a popular and desirable trend. They are readily available at fleamarkets, but now vendors and buyers are carefully choosing how to display these items with vintage lithographs, graphic prints and decorative shadow boxes. Our interest may come from inheriting our grandparents' medals or research into family history...either way medals and crests can make a bold statement in your home. Envision a wall of framed medal lithographs paired with old photographs and placed near a shadow box containing military ribbons. You can also loosely pin medals next to your bedside table or in the middle of two framed black and white photographs. The look is regal, memorable and downright historic.

The above photographs were taken at the Raleigh, N.C. Fleamarket and many of the items featured are available online or contact through Derby House, which you may also know as FUNKIJUNK. Start your collection today and happy hunting!

Link - Derby House


compulsively compiled said...

I've been interested in these for a bit now too and found a book, An Heraldical Alphabet at the library this week. It's full of great information on this same subject in a user friendly layout (lots of pictures).

Sam said...

I have a thing for crests - these are lovely! I'm very ineterested in the different symbols and animals used as they all have some significance to the family the crest is for - It's sort of like a readers digest version of the family's history!

Joyce said...

A neat collection. Isnt it funny at one time someone worked very hard to earn the metals only to be tossed in a forgotten box. The bars in the 5th photo would look neat on a jacket. Thanks! xo

please sir said...

Sounds like a great book and I can't wait to check out. Yes, crests are so interesting and I'm eager to research them more. I really think you will start seeing them used in the interior world...we'll see!

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