Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fey Handmade

Seabound Bedroom

Kitsch Kitchen

Natural Geometrics

I could accessorize my entire apartment with all the lovely and unique items featured on Fey Handmade, an online shop inspired by nature and passionate about design. Seabound accessories in the bedroom, vintage plates in the kitchen and natural objects strategically placed throughout. Ever since I found the oh-so-neat vintage ship painting I've been sea obsessed. Maybe it's the nautical stripe trend or my craving for the ocean? Either way, the ship pillowcases are at the top of my list!

Kitsch Kitchen: Five Fork Print, Lilak Rose Clock, The Heated Tea Cup Dishtowels, Set of Vintage Plates

Seabound Bedroom: Ship Pillowcases, Splashing Photograph, Cushion Cover

Natural Geometrics: Northern Flicker Print, Apartment Feeder, Wall Mount Vase

Link - Fey Handmade Shop


Color Collective said...

oooh, how lovely! thanks for the link!

resolute twig said...


Anonymous said...

i'm smitten! completely! i love the ship pillow cases too...i would have just the spot for those!

bronwyn said...

Those ship pillow cases are awesome. I love nautical imagery.

kristin said...

love the bird print!

interior Design Company said...

Very impressive!
Thanks for your presentation and I appreciate that!
Keep up your good work. I will come here regularly for news.

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